Ok, if you’re planning to set up your makeup kit then it’s obvious that you need to browse through many beauty tools and products. Here we would like to explore a list of makeup brushes and uses. Whenever we search,  we find different sets of brushes including foundation brushes, eye shadow brushes, concealer, and many more. Now the question arises, which one should be used according to our beauty objective.

Let’s find out why we need all this? And why we should be aware of the makeup tools and products? Recent studies revealed that if you wear makeup regularly then people trust you more. And also it helps to boost confidence and enthusiasm within you. Makeup can do magic for you by improving your appearance and looks. and can conceal undesired marks on face. It also smoothes facial skin to glow and radiant. While going through the makeup process, we see full-face foundation can be done by beauty blender but for subtle and precision work we need concealer. Now we’ll cover every type of makeup brush set, and try to find the best makeup brushes for covering blemishes, dark circles and more.

 List of makeup brushes and uses

 Now we’ll discuss about the most sought after makeup brushes needed to beautify your look. There are many makeup brushes names let’s discuss a few of them and try to understand what they’ve each been designed for?

Concealer Brush

 Among the list of the best makeup brushes concealer brush has its own importance. As these synthetic brushes are good for concealing the specific areas on your face actually spots and blemishes. These are small-scale brushes used for foundation. You can use concealer brush by dab the tip of the brush into a little amount of concealer, thereafter touch quickly and gently on your zits, under your eyes or anywhere else you want to conceal. Asmara beauty profound for online makeup offers you cosmetic perfectly size concealer brush.

 Powder Brush

 Powder brush is very helpful to set the foundation, well with powder. And also good to use for applying bronzer. It offers you excellent coverage for a flawless makeup application. Powder brush is one of the most essential tools that you should have in your brush collection. We use this brush for powder based makeup, and to finish makeup products. The main purpose for this is to set the existing makeup like blush, highlighter and bronzer. It works perfectly to dust off any extra product on the face which really prevent you from looking over-white.

Blush Brush

This brush is pretty useful for applying blush to your cheeks, and for bronzer and highlighter. Apart from this angled brushes with stiffer are used for appropriate contouring. This is used to dust on finishing powder or powder blush. It adds extra milestone to beautify you. If you wish to buy online you may opt for the best online makeup store in South Africa.

Blending Brush

This blending brush is used with wet or dry product, i.eLiquid, Cream or Flawless Powder Cosmetics. Good for blending eyeshadow, and for blending color effortlessly. It is also used for applying concealer. In your makeup brush set you must have this one.

Angled Liner Brush

 This brush is genuinely awesome for enhancing your eyes look, as this is best for blending eyeshadow or liners. Moreover, it’s good for providing a dramatic finish and to create a winged shadow look. Makeup artists most frequently use angled brushes to apply highlighter  or to fill powder in eyebrows, especially hard-to-reach places. As to the area around the nose or in the corner of the eyes.


 A wand-style brush which is used for applying mascara and plucking brows. And good for removing clumps following mascara application. The brush is used for grooming and combing and brushing through the eyelashes. It would be better idea to reinforce your makeup brush kit by inserting spoolie brush.

Foundation Brush

 The purpose of foundation brush is to apply foundation and makes quicker and easier to apply foundation.  There’re different types of foundation brushes including full, rounded, and dome-shaped. And also typically dense and is liked pinched flat. In addition the short, tightly-packed bristles are used for buffing powder foundation evenly over the skin. This kind of brush can be used for bronzer and blush.

Stippling Brush

One of the most multipurpose brush used for applying foundation, blush, powder, bronzer, and highlighter. Better works for liquid and cream products.

 Eyeshadow Shader Brush

In the list of best makeup brushes eyeshadow shader is essential one for beautifying your eyes.It’s designed to produce a smooth and even finish over entire eyelid. To know more about eyeshadow brushes and their uses or if you want to buy the same just visit asmara beauty website.

Lip Brush

Lip brush helps to precisely applying lipstick, gloss and other lip products. If you want to use the same, just dip the lip brush into product and later on apply gently over the lip. Here another good namen lip liner brush comes into picture which help to finish your lip looks, and smooth over imperfections.

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