If you’re preparing for any social events coming up , then makeup done by an expert will definitely enhance your look to something more glamorous . They save you from trying new tricks which may potentially destroy your look or a cause of embarrassment. In any kind of party, you meet new people, and it’s a good time to impress , professionally done makeup certainly helps you to achieve more confidence. 

But above all there are some things you should keep in mind before hiring a makeup artist

 Things You Should Know Before Booking With a Make-Up Artist

Be Punctual 

Makeup artists typically have busy schedules . If you’re a late comer , you risk losing your appointment as the makeup artist may have another client booked straight after you or the makeup artist may decide to do your makeup but will have to rush compromising the desired look or quality of your look . If you’ve scheduled your appointment, then you should leave home at a good time, keeping traffic, parking, and errands in mind. Try not to postpone your appointment, if need be then make sure to inform them as soon as possible.

Take care of your skin 

Have a good skincare routine and take extra care of your skin a few days prior to your special event . Makeup can only do so much if the canvas is not in the best condition. Treat yourself to a facial , cleanse your skin , make use of an exfoliator, use a hydrating sheet mask etc. To ensure the best makeup application try and keep your skin well hydrated and even textured.  

Avoid a Full Face of Makeup 

For every makeup artist time is of the essence . removing makeup will take about 5 minutes of which  could rather have been  used on skincare . Besides there is not point in doing your makeup before getting it professionally done! 

Tell Your Makeup Artist About Any Skin Problems you may have 

Most Makeup Artists will ask you about your skin type and if you have and specific skin problems or allergies. In the case that they forget be sure to let them know so they can use products best suited for your skin and to give you the best finish possible.