It may be quite confusing and complicated to choose the right hair color for your skin, if you’re not well-versed with color theory. Wherever you go online, and there you search for different types of hair colors ideas, hair dye colors or anything else related to hair beauty tips. You find different sorts of content for this, But here we’ll explain how to find the best hair color for your skin, even if you’re not trained in color selection.

Today’s market is flooded with lots of beauty products & cosmetics, but lack of knowledge may lead to waste of money, and overall appearance. In general it’s good to identify you skin color and determine the hair color undertone that best match for you. Choosing in between browns, bright blondes, radiant and reds could be tough without considering your skin tone. Here you’ll find a fair idea about hair colors, shades, and hues that will help to select the best one. It’s good to use branded products such asloreal hair color shades, as these ensure the quality.

At the end of this, you’ll be able to find the perfect choice for you.

What’s The Best Hair Color For Your Skin?

Find out whether you have a cool or warm skin tone

 It would be better, first you should identify what type of your skin tone either it’s cool or warm skin tone. Moreover, cool skin tones comes under winter and spring category while warm falls into autumn and summer.

Now let’s go through different kinds of skin color tones before finalising any hair colors ideas. We’ll discuss only about Winter and Summer.


 If you have a winter skin tone, then you’ll have very light skin and you might be born with  black/darker hair. In addition you do not tan easily & have hazel eyes. Probably you’ll have fair skin, besides ethnicity. And eye-colors would be jewel toned, may be dark blue, emerald green, super dark, and green.

Hair colors :-


  • You can Do anything with a blue, violet-red, violet base.
  • Hair colors can be of jewel toned, dark brown or black, white, platinum blonde, dark violet rings out greens.
  • Meanwhile colors to be avoided Golden blonde, Copper red, Caramel or honey etc.


If you’ve a summer skin tones than you have golden or olive skin, which you can tan with ease. Probably you’ll have hazel-colored eyes, but also can be of any color.

Hair Colors :-


  • Anything with a yellow or an orange base
  • Hair colors can be of light caramel brown, rich golden blonde, champagne blonde, toffee
  • Colors should be avoided – Ashy colors mostly ash brown, Nothing with blue or green base, Black


Best Hair Color Ideas

 A tabled list of best hair color ideas is provided for you.


Skin Tone Best Hair Colors
Winter Jet Black, Platinum Blonde, Dark Brown,
Spring Ashy Blonde, Ashy Brown, Platinum Blonde, Icy Blonde
Autumn Chocolate Brown, Honey Blonde, Golden Brown, Rich Auburn,
Summer Champagne Blonde, Caramel Brown, Honey or Butter Platinum, Golden Blonde



Besides this there are thousands  of hair color ideas for different combinations of skin tones. Let’s list out the few one:-

 > Reverse Strawberry Blonde Ombre

> Red with Blonde Highlights

> Light Strawberry Red Hair

> Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

> Lowlights for Brown Hair

> Honey Brown Hair

> Two-Toned Hair

> Strawberry Blonde Ombre

> Platinum Blonde with Purple Roots


Hair Dye Colors

 Let’s go through the various hair dye colors trending in contemporary beauty market –

Sunflower Blonde, Sparkling Amber, Pure-Diamond, Havana Brown, Copper Shimmer, French Roast, Crushed Garnet, Leather Black, Chocolate Cherry, Ruby Fusion, Light Cool Brown, Medium Champagne, Butterscotch, Medium Auburn, Jet Black, Expresso and more.

Best Professional Hair Color Brand

 After complete analysis of your skin tone and required hair color, it’s mandatory to select the appropriate or the best professional hair color brand such as  loreal hair color shades.

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